Port Norris Pickings 1890

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Saturday, December 20, 1890

Dec 5

There was quite a large number of young people gathered at Mr. Garrison's Wednesday evening and they report a very pleasant time. Among those present were Messrs. Wm. Lambert and Daniel Turner, Miss Mame Heritage, and Miss Emily Fowler, the celebrated organist, and several others whose names we did not learn.

Joseph Gibson has just returned from Philadelphia where he has been purchasing his stock of candies for the holidays.

Capt. Thos. Hearn and Capt. Chew spent a day this week gunning for quail.

Mr. Joseph Turner has put in a full line of Christmas goods.

Isaac Reeves was visiting Trenton yesterday.

We are sorry to state that Richard Stiles is no better.

Capt. Jere. Ogden and Maskell Ewing have gone to Chesapeake Bay to buy a load of oysters for Bivalve markets.

A large number of oystermen have run their oysters to market and are laying up their boats for the season.

Mrs. Joseph Turner is on the sick list.

Henry Harris has been visiting your city.

Dec 6

John Hollinger is to have a new store built for the boot and shoe business, on Main street.

George Robbins, Sr., has quite a trap; he has a barrel in his old crib house with some corn in and in two weeks he has caught three opossums, two of them being very large ones.

Capt. Eleaser Robbins intends to build a new fence around his property.

Charles Hayes is working for John Hollinger.

Joseph Turner has been stocking his store with a great variety of Christmas goods.

Dec 11

Mrs. Edith Mariner, of New York, left this morning for her home after stopping in Port Norris for a few days.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Maxfield have returned from Philadelphia.

Mrs. J. R. Pritchard is very ill.

The old ice cream saloon formerly in the charge of Elmer Green has been moved up town along side of the butcher shop.

It was an interesting sight Tuesday evening to see the girls and boys on their sleds. At 9.30, 27 girls and 31 boys were enjoying the sport.

Port Norris was blessed with about four inches of snow, the most since the blizzard, and it has never been nicer sleighing than this time.

H. H. Nicholson has his store so full that it is all most impossible to go in without buying something.
Wilson L. Shropshire is out again.

Dec 12

E. J. Cook has been doing Philadelphia for a few days.

Michael Land is in Port Norris for a short time.

John Hollinger is working in his new shop. John says he is proud of it.

Daniel Turner, Sr., has sold his horse to Mr. U. Lore at Port Norris.

Mr. Johnson, who had his hand mashed the other day, is getting along nicely.

There is to be a new telegraph wire from Bridgeton to Port Norris. Electrician Elwood Potter, of Vineland, is doing the work.

Dec 16

Carpenters are repairing the house of Mr. Bowen, on South Market street.

Harry Powell was in town yesterday.

Harris & Buzby slaughtered nine hogs yesterday, the total weight being 3027 pound.

Frank Sheppard, of Buckshutem, was here yesterday.

Miss Amelia Tice spent Sunday with her uncle, Mr. Daniel Turner, Sr.

Daniel Buzby has been visiting friends in Vineland and Bridgeton.

Harry Lee and Frank Pepper took their last rabbit hunt for this season yesterday.

George Sheldon is visiting in Millville.

Frank Ferguson, of Buckshutem, spent Sunday in Port Norris, the guest of Daniel Buzby.

Hammit Robbins, of Bridgeton, spent Sunday with his parents.

Tommy Maslin, of New York the Temperance evangelist, spent Saturday and Sunday in this place.

Sunday morning a union service was held in the Baptist church, and in the evening in the Methodist church. Mr. Maslin was greeted by large audiences. He is a powerful speaker.

A large delegation of veterans from J. C. Shinn Post, No. 6, G. A. R., attended the re-union of 24th Regt., N. J. Vols., at Millville.

Dec 18

We are sorry to hear of the death of one of our best citizens, Mr. Richard Robbins. The deceased was a deacon in the Baptist church and was in the eighty-fourth year of his age.

Hayes & Compton, of this place, have gone in the fur business.

Joseph Shropshire is to build a fine new barn on his farm near Haleyville. Henry Harris, of this place, is to do the mason work.

John Dunham and Wm. Diament, of Alloway, were in town yesterday.

Harry DeEsta, who gave such a fine entertainment last season, will give another entertainment Jan. 3, in K. of P. Hall. Mr. DeEsta has a company of fine artists with him and guarantees a fine entertainment.

Mr. and Mrs. George Sloan left for Philadelphia yesterday morning to stay until after the holidays.
Several Port Norris people drove down from Newport night before last on account of the accident on the railroad.

Mrs. Jesse Prichard is improving.

The storm yesterday prevented the oyster boats from working.

Joseph Turner has put in a stock of banjos and violins for the holidays; also a large assortment of glassware.


Saturday, December 27, 1890

Dec 19

A shooting match took place yesterday between Samuel Robbins, Gabe Robbins, John Robbins and Willard McDaniels, for $20 a side. Samuel Robbins and Gabe Robbins killed 6 out of 10; John Robbins and Willard McDaniels killed 7 out of 10. Another match will take place soon.

Daniel Ferguson went to Easton, Pa., to shoot in a match for a live deer or $50, having a choice of either when he got there. Some called him a hod carrier, but when he left they called him a shooter. He killed 47 birds out of 50, and being the high man he brought the $50 home with him. He is a splendid shot.

J. O. Heritage has been doing Philadelphia.

Mrs. Henry Harris and Mrs. Frank Pepper and son have returned from Haleyville.

Wilson L. Shropshire spent yesterday at Mauricetown.

J. R. Pritchard was in Philadelphia yesterday.

Quite a party from Haleyville spent yesterday here.

Miss Katie Gillman, of Greenwich, is visiting here.

Mrs. L. Robbins visited Bridgeton yesterday.

Miss Anna Fowler is home from Bridgeton where she has been visiting her sister, Mrs. James Fowler.

Dec 23

Lorenzo Harris moved from Bivalve to Bradway Station yesterday.

Harry Graham was in town yesterday.

Miss Kate Gilman has returned to her home at Greenwich after spending a few days with Mrs. Sallie Bowen.

Miss Rebecca Hager has returned home after spending the fall at Bivalve.

A large party of people from Haleyville were shopping at Mr. H. H. Nickelson's store yesterday.

David Blizzard furnished his boarders with some fine fried eels for breakfast yesterday.

Corson Socwell is on the sick list.

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Riggins are visiting Philadelphia.

Mr. Henry Harris was in Haleyville yesterday.

Miss Katie Silliman is spending the holidays in Vineland.

The Epworth League held a sociable at Captain John Brodwater's Saturday evening.

Samuel Robbins' new house is nearly done. It is a beauty.

H. H. Nicholson has his wagon out on the streets all trimmed up with Christmas goods.

Joseph Turner has a full line of all kinds of toys for children and a nice line of Christmas goods.

Cards are out for the wedding on Christmas night of Mr. Randolph, of Leesburg, and Miss Hand, of Port Norris.

V. M. Rundle has gone to Wallpack Centre, N. J., for a vacation of two weeks.

Charles Hayes displays a neat new sign.

Dec 24

Mr. Joseph Turner, the enterprising grocyman, has quite a novelty in his front window. He has erected a chimney with Santa Claus coming out of the top. Don't fail to see it.

Harris and Buzby are doing a large business in turkeys and chickens.

Mrs. Chew and daughter Lizzie were doing Bridgeton yesterday.

Mr. Frank Pepper is visiting your city.

Mr. Walter Riggins and wife returned from Philadelphia yesterday.

The reserved seats for DeEsta's entertainment Jan. 3d are for sale at the butcher shop. You should purchase your seat at once as they will soon be gone. Every body goes to hear DeEsta.

Clarence Gibson was doing Millville yesterday.

J. R. Pritchard and W. L. Shropshire were in Mauricetown yesterday.

The high hat crowd were out last night for the first time with a full dress suit.